A timeless space

A timeless interior is simply one that ages well. And just as much as Kondens love to design long lasting products, we have a thing for homes that year after year still feels relevant and refined. A neutral color palette, combining textures and great quality – and you're onboard.

A neutral palette
Starting with a neutral base that easily can be updated and graded with darker or lighter shades for every new season. A sofa in beige or gray can beautifully go from autumn to spring by adding various pillows and blankets.

Materials with patina
Always question the material when buying new furniture. How is the product manufactured and it is sustainable? Natural material ages beautifully, adds a genuine touch and continues to change over the years. (Foto: Andy Liffner, Pia Ullin)

You know that thing you had for small ceramic vases? Old cameras? Artsy magazines? Those items often cause more stress than a clean and minimalistic style. Try to clear out all unnecessary things and slowly start to invest in great quality furniture. When you’re about to make a purchase, ask yourself; Do I really need this? Do I already have something similar? Where should I place it? Is it something I will appreciate for a long time?  
A good start is to think about storage and invest in furniture that holds all items that circulate in your everyday life. Find a specific home for everything. Doors are the unsung heroes of minimalism, but an open shelf that exposes your well selected items may be what brings life to the room. Foto: Photo 1 Jotun, image 2 unknown, image 3 Kristofer Johnsson)

Textures in similar tones
Instead of using lots of color and pattern, create a vibrant space by mixing different textures and organic materials. Cotton plaids, natural wood, velvet and leather in similar tones is a lovely combination. ( Foto 1 Bloggare Bagis, foto 2 Nicole Franzen, foto 3 unknown.)