In love we work
Kondens is a Swedish accessories brand established in 2019 by the married couple Elin and Sebastian Oresten. The idea of Kondens was founded from the couple’s common passion for accessories and Scandinavian design. Also, the belief that high quality products is a part of creating a more sustainable consumption was an important aspect of starting Kondens.

Don’t stop it, change it
The purpose of Kondens is to provide people with affordable premium accessories that are made to last for a very long time. We always choose our materials, suppliers and designs with the ambition of creating the highest quality products possible. This is our mission in order to create a more sustainable fashion industry and consumption in general. We do not want to stop consumption but we want to change it.

Design Philosophy
The design philosophy of Kondens is to make solid and modern products for the urban person. We want to make a tribute to Scandinavian design while adding color and uniqueness to the products. Our products have the variety and simpleness to adapt for every persons unique style and expression. We do not design our products to follow the latest trends, but with the goal to create a modern design that is timeless.

Premium is not a price tag
For us the meaning of Premium products is not about the price. It is about creating products that lasts for a long time, both when is comes to quality but also in the design. The feeling when holding a product from Kondens should always be solidness, something condensed.

We design our products in Stockholm and produce them in Northern Europe in order to have full control of our supply chain and to make sure we create premium products.