All Kondens products are made in our factory located outside Tallin, Estonia. All the artisans that crafts our products has decades of working experience and are employed with excellent working conditions - by a family company who has been in the business since the early 50’s. 

We choose Estonia as manufacturer country of two main reasons. First of all it is close to Sweden, it keeps our business model more sustainable. The other reason is that Estonia as country has a long tradition in leather sewing and can therefore meet our high requirements. You can read more about our sustainability here.

Italy is know for much things, and one thing is their skills in producing luxury leather. Is not only luxury, it is also sustainable to choose Italian leather; it is booth made in sustainable manufacturing processes, but not least, the quality is very good and is therefore made to last. That is why we choose leather from Italy. 

We use two different leather types, chromium tanned leather and vegetable tanned leather. As followed we explain why, and what the difference are between the two leather types. 

The tanning process is when hides transform to leather. It is a form of conservation to make the leather soft and durable. In a limited sense, tanning is a chemical process between tanning substance and skin substance. This can be made in a either chemical process or an vegetable/chemical process, both has some different pros and cons.

Vegetable tanning uses 
tannins in the tanning process. Tannis occurs naturally in the bark and leaves of many plants. We have choose Arke Conceria as our vegetable leather supplier since we consider them as the best. Kondens choose Arke Conciere leathers of this main reasons:

  • Vegetable tanned leather with natural tanning agent is the most  environment friendly option.
  • The tannary reclaim hides from local the food industry in the district.
  • Vegetable leather is not as flexible as chrome tanned leather, therefore it is perfect for stiff bags and wallet.
  • Since the tanning process is more natural each hides becomes unique in its nuance.
  • Vegetable leather is more expensive, that explains why some of our products has a higher price range. 
  • Vegetable leather gets more by using 

Chromium is the most efficient and effective tanning agent. In chrome tanning, there is a harmless type of chrome called chrome 3. The majority of all leather products are made with this method. The Kondens products that has chromed from the Italian leather manufacturer Mastrotto Group, (awarded to the best leather supplier in the world by the American company Coach). Mastrotto works under strictly European laws which guarantees that the processes are sustainable and reliable.

Kondens choose Mastrotto leathers of this main reasons:
- Mastrotto use only closed-loop water systems, this means the harm on the environment is very little.
- The lifetime of Mastrotto leather could be 100 years if you handle it right.
- Mastrotto leather is recyclable, and take two years to break down by nature, compared to plastic that takes minimum 100 years.
- Mastrotto leather is considered as the one of the best and most sustainable chrome leather tanneries in the world.
- Chrome tanned leather is very soft but and also breathable. Even it is soft it is also durable and can withstand everyday use.

If you have any more questions regarding our leather and production, do not hesitate to send us an email to