Made to last
Kondens products are not one of those products that you buy and then use a couple of times. Our products are all made to last several years, probably longer than any other accessory you will ever have. Quality is one of the most important aspect of our products and we will never contribute to a world where you need to buy new things all the time. When you buy a Kondens product, you buy it for life.

European production
All our products are manufactured in Estonia, which means that our products are not shipped very far to our storage in the Swedish west coast. Also, we do not need to take the flight to visit the factory since Estonia is just a boat trip away from Stockholm where our office is located. The working conditions in the factory in Estonia are also very important to us and we have a solid code of conduct that our supplier have to admit to.

More to come…
Right now, all of our products are made in premium leather from Italy that are made to last for a long time. However, we plan to release a sustainable collection with products made from other materials that are better for mother nature. So, stay tuned for the next chapter of our sustainability journey!